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MIMS750 created a list Apr 06 2021
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"K-pop albums available to stream via Hoopla!"
MIMS750 made a comment Apr 06 2021
"Such a fun mini album! The songs really set the mood for summer. “Humph” is really catchy, and “Fantasystic” makes me feel like I’m going to go on a summer adventure. “Summer” is the perfect laid back song for a hot summer day. Pentagon never disa..." Permalink
MIMS750 moved a title to their In progress shelf Mar 24 2021
The customs and traditions of Chinese family life are revealed in the detailed recollections of a working-class grandmother, born in the 1860's.
MIMS750 moved a title to their Completed shelf Jan 09 2021
The infamous emperor Caligula ruled Rome from A.D. 37 to 41 as a tyrant who ultimately became a monster. An exceptionally smart and cruelly witty man, Caligula made his contemporaries worship him as a god. He drank pearls dissolved in vinegar and...
MIMS750 moved a title to their In progress shelf Nov 16 2020
Banned in Vietnam until 1986, Dumb Luck--by the controversial and influential Vietnamese writer Vu Trong Phung--is a bitter satire of the rage for modernization in Vietnam during the late colonial era. First published in Hanoi during 1936, it...
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