Pride and Prejudice Review
5 stars
ages 16-18
With strong opinions and morals of her own, Elizabeth Bennet has much to say about the world around her. And with the time of marriage nearing for the Bennet sisters, and a new resident in town, Elizabeth struggles to see what is good or bad, with her prejudice and other people’s pride. Starting with Elizabeth’s older sister, Jane Bennet, Elizabeth absolutely adores the relationship between her sister and the new resident in town, Charles Bingley, who is kind and polite towards everyone. He and Jane have built a strong relationship and it is hard to tell whether there will be any conflict between the two. Bingley’s friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy, on the other hand, has been taken in with a bad prejudice by Elizabeth, due to his rude manners, bad attitude, and overflowing pride. This leads to uncertain situations between the two and only time will tell what happens to the pair. With the drama going on between the two oldest Bennet sisters and the new men in their lives, the younger Bennet sisters chase after men of their own. However, the young girls have a hard time determining whether someone seems polite or actually is polite. The book takes turn after unexpected turn amongst the relationships of the characters, and comes to a very unforeseen ending. I really liked how the book took so many unexpected turns. Things I never even would’ve thought of came up and it fit so well with the idea and difference of pride and prejudice. The book definitely kept me on my toes.

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