So yeah. Same plot as Twilight, from Edward's perspective. He never sleeps so... more things happen. We get to know Bella a little better, and Meyers responds to some of the negative comments Twilight received. I think she does a good job improving on some of Twilight's weak points, considering the restrictions. She obviously can't change any of the Edward-Bella dialogue or any documented events from Twilight, but she added in some meaningful "why's" that change things somewhat.

Still has some of the problems from Twilight (hard to avoid) such as the last-second action plot invasion. Although it's way cooler from Edward's side of things.

I don't know what gets people so riled up about Edward. He's a supernatural being so it doesn't really bother me that he's not perfect. And we don't have to listen to any of Bella's teenage insecurities! Yay. Meyer's writing has greatly improved since Twilight.

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