Interesting book and great poetry. 👍🏻

It was sort of a roller coaster in cheering the main character on. She didn’t agree with her Catholic mother. Her mother was sort of the bad guy I in the story. Even though her mother was strict, I do not think that the Church deserves ( perhaps it does) the criticism and negativity that it got from this young character. It wasn’t direct, but it was there.
There were also a couple of decisions that she made that I didn’t agree with, kissing a guy you barely know, especially if he smokes, walking away from the church. I understand that those things can feel good and freeing.
I didn’t like how the book portrayed tinge idea that in life if you wanted to be a part of the church, it would be too much for you and eventually you would have to choose between love and literature. I wanted to scream: No! You can follow Christ AND have those things! Why is the Church seen as so restricting?

Other than these thoughts, I was a fool book. It made me think and it had great imagery and poetry. Lots of emotion. Also, it’s a thick book but a cohort read because it’s all poetry. 📝

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