The Witch
The Witch A New-England Folktale Blu-ray Disc - 2015

It's not a horror film, it's an uplifting modern Cinderella story!
This movie is 3 years old at this writing, and it's been meme'd + mocked + loved + etc, but it's a beautiful tale of an outcast girl being punished for not fitting in to her literally Puritanical world, and has a happy ending.
Thomasin's father leaves their colonial community over heretical disagreements (Pride), her mother continually distrusts her because of Thomasin's unforgivable feminine sins of youth + beauty (Envy), her brother wants to jump her bones (Lust), and the twins make her chores unbearable (Sloth +Gluttony). Meanwhile, our hero T must make do in the face of all her torturers to be the Good Girl, which is never rewarded. It's only after her family is punished SAW-style that her fairy godmother/prince charming, Black Phillip (Ol' Scratch, themself), rewards her with everything she's ever deserved, something better than some dumb Ball, in the form of a Witch's Sabbath, as she leaves her shift + sanity behind to dance into the woods naked + free, with her Sisters in Satan.
It's a beautiful reminder that no matter how hard we try, the only place for the feminine in this world is away from the world of men, and despite the cost, is truly beautiful. Highly recommend <3

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