"Killer Joe" has some great reviews in some places of the internet, but it let me down. It was a disappointing experience because it is not very entertaining, or a particularly well made movie.
The nudity and brutal violence are 100% gratuitous. They serve no purpose to advance the storyline.
Plot is basic, I was expecting twists (or a clever reveal) somewhere along the line. Nothing happened. It is just a story of a series of terrible mistakes.
The characters are written as caricatures. I did not feel any particular sympathy for any of them.
Maybe the nudity and violence were added, precisely because the plot is so simplistic, and the production values so basic. Without the brutal violence and grotesque themes, no one would pay attention to this movie.
Why would a talented cast of actors join a movie that is all about shock value?
Wikipedia called this movie a "black comedy"... there's nothing in the movie that qualifies as humour.
I don't think the director will have a chance to direct another feature-length film ever again. Too bad (kind of), because back in the day he hit one or two hits, and a homerun.

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