Roger Ebert: 3 out of 4 stars "William Friedkin's "Killer Joe" is one hell of a movie. It left me speechless...It is expertly directed, flawlessly cast and written with merciless black humor."

A noir murder-for-hire plot by a son TO HAVE HIS OWN MOTHER KILLED for her life insurance SO HE CAN PAY OFF HIS DRUG DEALER. The setting is a dilapidated Texas trailer park, where dwells a family whose low-functioning members exhibit, well, let's call it atypical personal boundaries. Twisted. Nasty. Nude. Profane. Loony. Violent. Blood. Dark Funny! Plot twists! You will see outrage you've never seen before - guaranteed. Yes, IT'S THAT TYPE OF MOVIE, but well-written, directed and filmed at a very high level by Academy Award winning director and cinematographer, with actors fearlessly firing on all cylinders.

NC-17! The movie opens at night in a downpour, with a young man insistently knocking on the door of a trailer home. The door opens and there stands a woman (Gina Gershon) wearing only a shirt, nonchalantly greeting her step-son with her exposed vagina staring him in the face.

Yes, IT'S THAT TYPE OF MOVIE, and the director is clearly alerting you right up front to fasten your seat-belt and get ready for a rough ride. In other words, If this is not "your type of movie," are easily offended, or have a delicate/fragile sensibility, or are unable to appreciate dark humor if it's, well, staring you in the face, hit EJECT and BAIL OUT NOW! Don't torture yourself and be a TOOL and mewl later that it's too naked, or too many cuss words, etc. Just as if horror movies are not your thing, don't watch his Exorcist and whine later that it was too scary, thus: 1 star!

Otherwise you'll be hooked from the beginning and riding shotgun wide-eyed all the way to The Last Supper: A Last Supper shared by a most unholy clan of damaged redneck souls, gathered around a table in a rundown trailer somewhere in the 7th rung of Hell. Enjoy! :)

Oh, and you can thank me later: For your meal or snack food of choice at this time, for once in your life avoid chicken. :)

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