The Irishman is, quite simply, a Masterpiece.
When it was released last year many people were put off by its slow pace and epic length so the film didn’t get anywhere near the recognition it really deserved.
In comparison with Scorsese’s other Mob films such as Mean Streets, Goodfellas and Casino, this one is not nearly as fast and flashy and it moves much more leisurely.
But that actually works perfectly with this material and the story Scorsese is telling.
The Irishman is much deeper and more melancholy than those films - but don’t worry - it still has plenty of the action and drama that those other other films are known for.
It is a story about friendship ...betrayal..and ultimately ....supreme regret.
As always with Scorsese’s films, the music is just great, perfectly capturing the different time periods the films story takes us through.
The films length is formidable, but as you watch the story and Scorsese takes you into his world - you wont even notice it.
The Irishman really feels like a Grande Finale to all the other Mob films Scorsese has done - a perfect conclusion to the story he began with Mean Streets and then took through Goodfellas and Casino.
This is also likely the last time you will see these talents working together at the very top of their craft like this...
so it truly is a film to be treasured.

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