The novel, They Both Die at the End, written by Adam Silvera, is an agonizingly tragic LGBTQ+ story set in a futuristic New York. However, one piece of new innovative technology, called DeathCast, becomes widely available to the general public, giving people foreboding insight into life’s most inevitable prospect, death. The company, DeathCast, calls people everywhere from 12 am-3am every day, letting them know that they will die within the next hours. However, DeathCast does not tell you your precise time of death -- you just know you could die anytime within this range.

This book poses an extremely thought-provoking question, “What would I have done if I knew I would die in the next 24 hours?” The two protagonists, Mateo and Rufus, are given the call, respectively. The two boys encounter each other through an online app, created to help “Deckers” (the term coined for those who have received the DeathCast call that day). Mateo and Rufus go through a roller coaster of adventures on their final day on Earth. Seeing the two main characters live out their lives to the fullest and eventually falling for each other was a beautifully romantic, albeit a little cheesy, storyline. The book is split up into chapters and each chapter focuses on the thoughts and feelings of each character, as well as side characters. The switching back and forth of narration is cliche, but Silvera writes in a way that captivates the reader. The fact that all the events took place in one single day is mind-blowing.

Overall, the novel They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera is an amazing read! Simply spectacular, and I was left tearing up at the end of it. I would highly recommend this novel to ages 13+ (since there is profanity and more mature topics). The title provides a clear foreshadowing of what happens to the characters.

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