The Last Centurion

The Last Centurion

Book - 2008
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In the second decade of the twenty-first century the world is struck by two catastrophes, a new mini-ice age and, nearly simultaneously, a plague to dwarf all previous experiences. Rising out of the disaster is the character known to history as "Bandit Six" an American Army officer caught up in the struggle to rebuild the world and prevent the fall of his homeland--despite the best efforts of politicians both elected and military. The Last Centurion is a memoir of one possible future, a world that is a darkling mirror of our own. Written "blog-style," it pulls no punches in its descriptions of junk science, bad strategy and organic farming not to mention all three at once.
Publisher: Riverdale, NY : Baen, c2008
ISBN: 9781439132913
Branch Call Number: RINGO
Characteristics: 439 p. ; 24 cm


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Oct 25, 2017

Good God naysayers, get your heads out of your lower regions!! It was written blog style if as by a highly conservative gung ho American officer who witnessed a different kind of Iraqi withdrawal than we actually experienced. How do you expect he would act and say?? Exactly like he did in my opinion. Another great book by Ringo although in a very different style, which he calls out in the prolog by the way!

curtiswhalen Oct 13, 2015

Another excellent read from John Ringo. He takes the reader on a ride across the dessert from Iran to Istanbul in a kind of repeat of The 10,000. I found this much more enjoyable than Coyle's version of 3 decades ago.
The story is a polemic against trends in our/Western culture that, if projected over time in the same way that global warming models are used, result in some very strange behaviors that would appear unbelievable if we did not already see them manifesting now as muslim immigrants flood Europe and global warming scammers take their toll on science despite 19 straight years of no significant increase in temperature.
I spent 7 years in the middle east since 1984, ending in 2007 and Ringo captured the essence of the place exquisitely in this novel.

Jun 10, 2014

I am a fan of John Ringo's work. This book is just godawful. It's a right wing political screed that makes Atlas Shrugged seem both moderate and subtle. Ringo's normally charming, (if overtly conservative) third person voice is abandoned for a shrill, ultra-right wing first person narrator so annoying that I found myself quickly rooting for the plague.

I gave up a bit over 100 pages in, when the tone just continued to get worse and worse...I can't imagine it ended well enough to justify finishing it.

Stay away unless you think Alex Jones has good points.

Jun 29, 2013

It's a novel, not a scientific report or a political statement.

LRS1969 Jan 22, 2013

Incredibly bad! Not only does he have viewpoints (unsupported by science or, in other cases, the REALITIES) that are extremely Far Right (*) but that are just plain wrong!

I have recently realized that he theo only books of his that I have actually enjoyed have been those co-authored by other (true) authors - like David Drake, David Weber, etc. The few authored solely by Ringo have been atrocious (see the Paladin series - I.e., the Kildar series for my point).

(*) Also I find it so interesting that Ringo is Far Right Wing Conservative ONLY in those areas that he personally favors while being EXTREMELY non Conservative - at least I hope that real Conservatives don't believe in his perversions as shown in his personally written books - in his personal beliefs that are truly perverse as shown in those books.

Again, for striking examples, see his Paladin series (Kildar series) of books that start with Ghost. Also, so reader KNOWS that these are his beliefs, check him out under Wiki and look up his Works and find the Paladin Series and see what his publisher says about why Ringo wrote that series.

The series itself?

Politically biased to the point of psychotic paranoia (and incorrect factually in almost every instance).

Highly racist.

Filled with not just sex (I Amanda adult and have no problem with consensual adult sex), but constant examples of perverted sex (just as one example from book 3 of series, where "Kildar" gets an erection when a nude 12-yr old girl - a child - is forced to sit on his lap while he is negotiating buying her from a couple sex slave traders and he becomes aroused at thinking of the rape and abuse that she was put through -- as that is the way HIS feelings are!

Additionally he is not only completely anti Muslim (occasionally refers to "Islamic terrorists" but too often slips and just refers to "Islamics" when talking about the bad guys and constantly refers to them as "black-asses" - apparently in the belief that all Islamics are very dark skinned and Mideasten types, disregarding fact that many Chechens, for example, have blue eyes, green eyes, light brown hair, red hair; and the multitude of non brown or black Asian "Islamics"), but also speaks despairingly of "fundamentalist Christians" and rich people (I.e., "the politicians and those rich bastards" - who caused such and such problem)! Apparently in his political adolescent naiveness does NOT realize that fundamentalists and the wealthy ARE the Core Base of both the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party! In his series, he simply loves everything American military and President Bush (President Cliff in his series) and hates everything liberal (or that he simply labels as being liberal and paints ALL in such a category as being that way with a very prejudiced brush!) - especially Senator Clinton (Senator Walker [??] in his books, other than his January 2013 book 6 of the series which he outlined for a co-author... while then claiming top billing!), the Senator Clinton that he repeatedly references as being THE Dem presidential candidate in the next election (first 5 books written well before 2008, so Obama getting nomination must have truly shocked him - and Obama winning must have totally infuriated him)!!!

May 07, 2012

Far more of a political statement than a novel and the quality of the book suffers. One of Ringo's poorer works

Mar 19, 2011

Excellent book, good style of writing, very informative of how the U.S. would hamdle a pandemic. The bashing of liberals was a distraction but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Sep 07, 2010

Wow... the only reason I kept reading was for the story, and I just tended to skip all the government-trashing in this one, but it was hard, since most of the story *was* government-trashing. It ruined what could have been a great book.

Jan 21, 2010

I used to enjoy reading John Ringo. I notice however that he is becoming more and more politically right (as far to the right as you can get without falling off the edge!). When I first started reading, I thought that this was a direct attack upon the current US administration - until I noticed the publication date.

If one wants a repitition of "all and any government is bad", then this is a good book. In the event, I don't think that I will be reading any more John Ringo.

Sep 17, 2009

Written blog style, this is a vision of a world facing both a global pandemic and a mini ice age.

A very slanted partisan portrayl of what might happen if the US were to face a pandemic.

The action is good, but the vitrolic towards liberals and democrats overshadows what might have been a great book.

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