Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Twilight Series, Book 5

eBook - 2020
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Dec 18, 2020

Tedious, depressing...

Dec 14, 2020

Ok. So what can I say? My inner feminist was writhing in pain the entire time, but my inner teenage girl was absolutely screaming. Stephanie Meyer has really improved with her writing...and she now seems to be aware of the harm of blindly accepting everything your stalker throws at you and falling in love anyway. It's better if there is awareness, right? Also he's a vampire. That's how vampires operate, duh. In short, I loved it. Sue me.

Nov 22, 2020

All Twilight fans should read this but if your new to the Twilight series DONT READ THIS FIRST!!! Read the original four first then this one as a flashback.

Nov 14, 2020

This was a super fun book! i loved hearing the same events from Edwards point of view, he is very illuminating and sees a lot of details that we miss in twilight.

It’s not necessary for the plot, you don’t miss any big thing that’s not said in twilight, but it enhances twilight and really helps us get to know edward a lot better

a delicious book

Nov 11, 2020

So yeah. Same plot as Twilight, from Edward's perspective. He never sleeps so... more things happen. We get to know Bella a little better, and Meyers responds to some of the negative comments Twilight received. I think she does a good job improving on some of Twilight's weak points, considering the restrictions. She obviously can't change any of the Edward-Bella dialogue or any documented events from Twilight, but she added in some meaningful "why's" that change things somewhat.

Still has some of the problems from Twilight (hard to avoid) such as the last-second action plot invasion. Although it's way cooler from Edward's side of things.

I don't know what gets people so riled up about Edward. He's a supernatural being so it doesn't really bother me that he's not perfect. And we don't have to listen to any of Bella's teenage insecurities! Yay. Meyer's writing has greatly improved since Twilight.

Nov 03, 2020

I couldn't finish this book because it was so disturbing and disappointing. Twilight was always a misogynistic series but this took it to a whole other level. The first few chapters are filled with Edwards fantasies about how he'd kill Bella. Later in the book it details his stalking behavior and attempts to romanticize the non-consensual way that he watches Bella sleep and surveils her by listening to the thoughts of those around her.

It's also disturbing how he frequently reminds himself that he's over 100 years old and Bella and the other students are literal children. But then he instantly falls in love with her and begins stalking her. And this is framed (in over 600 pages!!) as romantic.

The last thing we need in this world is more media that conditions people to think this type of predatory behavior is ok.

Lastly I'll mention that I was disappointed in the way Meyer portrayed human thoughts. This book could have been a really fascinating exploration into how our minds work, since Edward is a mind reader. But instead we "hear" people's thoughts as though they are just speaking to themselves. No one talks in complete, coherent sentences to themselves all the time. Such a lack of imagination, and SO boring.

Oct 30, 2020

Having been a fan of Meyer, I was definitely excited to read her latest work and can personally say that I was not disappointed. I would recommend that anyone interested in this book should read the first ones in the twilight series before-hand just to see how cool this one really is, as the point of view is switched and questions that may have lingered are finally answered.
I love how the author was able to basically re-write an old story but still make it interesting as if it were completely brand new and in the end Meyer was able to do it again and entrance her readers with a story once more. 5/5 stars
@C.L of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

This is not a flawless novel, and I wasn't expecting it to be. It has several of Twilight 's big criticized faults. After all, it's a Twilight story, and if you're one of those people who absolutely dislike vampires and all that comes with them, this book isn't for you. The Twihards had this book written for them. It was written for everyone who for a decade had been eagerly anticipating this installment. For those of us who realize the weaknesses of Twilight, but still enjoy it. This is literally the same as Twilight when it comes to the storyline. Don't expect a new story, because you're not going to get one. A new version of it with far more detail and development than we see in the original novel is what you will get. In this novel, Meyer took the chance to expand and improve a lot of details that were previously left unclear, and I really appreciate that. The vampire world seems larger, the characters seem like they would be able to, with some effort, be real people! Final review; 3.9/5
@Barcelonafan1 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Oct 17, 2020

I honestly didn’t know this book was even coming out until I saw it in stores and libraries. This is a rendition of the first Twilight book in Edwards perspective as opposed to Bella’s. It was interesting for some parts, especially during nighttime and when the couple were separated on things that we had no idea on. However, Edward does loose some of his stoicism because he comes off pretty whiny during this. Also it seems that his main attraction to Bella is his inability to hear her mind which tarnishes that “true love” sense that we got from the other books. I did some research and found that this will be the only book in Edwards’ perspective which seems a little odd since the book feels like it’s leaving us on a cliff hanger (even though we technically know what’s going to happen). This overall was a fun read, a bit repetitive and lengthy, but I’m sure other Twilight fans would really enjoy it as well.

ArapahoeMeagan Oct 09, 2020

Over 10 years later and I'm sucked right back in! Loved this book from Edward's perspective. It gave a great insight to all the things Bella did not pick up on/did not know. Highly suggest this one to any Twilight fan! It's never too late to have another Twilight phase! *quickly goes to reread the rest of the books*

OPL_KrisC Oct 09, 2020

An interesting and some what lengthy look at what happens in Twilight from Edward's point of view.

JCLHeatherC Sep 28, 2020

I waited 12 years for this book and it did not disappoint. This is Twilight from Edward’s perspective where we hear his thoughts and reasonings behind his actions. It was great to revisit Forks, WA.

Sep 25, 2020

This was so disappointing. So slow and painful to read. I love reading and look forward to my time when the kids go to sleep but I had to force myself to actually read. That says something.

Sep 08, 2020

Yes, I really did enjoy the trip to Forks again! I still love the romance. Now I need to read Life and Death which changes the genders up.

Sep 07, 2020

Midnight Sun was personally better than Twilight.

I expected Midnight Sun to contain advanced language, since Edward's age is 100+ years. The language disappointed me; the only sort of advanced sentences were in the first paragraph, at the starting of the book. But no matter.

Alice has always been my favorite character, she's amazing, and from Edward's point of view she is even better!

I would love if Stephenie Meyer also wrote Eclipse from Edward's point of view, as Eclipse was my favorite book out of the series.

Overall, though, Midnight Sun is great.

ArapahoeTiegan Sep 02, 2020

Welcome back to Forks! Man, it felt good to go back, but with some new perspectives and information. What I particularly loved about this book was seeing more into the Cullens' lives and minds - I never felt like I got enough of them from Bella. I truly wish Meyer would continue from Edward's perspective.. but understand why she doesn't want to and feels this is enough. Though New Moon from his perspective would be great, since him and Bella are apart almost the entire time. But now his leaving in New Moon does not feel as jarring - I never picked up from her side that at the end of Twilight he had decided he was leaving once she healed.. gahh I still love this series so much! =)

Aug 31, 2020

Would love to see the rest of the story from Edward’s point of view. My favorite part was him reading minds. There were some parts that drug on in my opinion, but overall I was satisfied. I am still team Jacob, though! Don’t care how the series ended....still think he is the better fit.

Aug 12, 2020

This was a really nostalgic read. It's a little silly but it's no less entertaining! This novel really added a whole new level to my understanding of what happened during Twilight. By the end I had a greater understanding of the Vampire world, Edward's struggle and dangers that were maybe only hinted at in Twilight. Definitely give this book a try if you are a Twilight fan.

Aug 12, 2020

After my disappointment with both The Testaments and Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, I had the lowest expectations for Midnight Sun. ⁣

But I ended up flying through the book and totally enjoying it! Besides the nostalgia mentioned in the previous post, I loved the family dynamics amongst the Cullens and the character developments we did not get to see in Twilight. ⁣

Alice and Emmett have always been beloved, and their popularity is well-deserved. But to me, Emmett has always been somewhat flat, so I was happy to see an unexpectedly fraternal and tender side of him. ⁣

And I also want to apologize for underappreciating Jasper for so many years. His apparent aloofness is probably just a self-defense mechanism for that overwhelming emotional empathy, but both Edward and I learned more about his forbearance, psychological and supernatural in this book. ⁣

I also had a chance to further considered Edward’s characterization. On one hand, he had a century of experience and wisdom; on the other hand, he technically stopped psychologically maturing when he was seventeen. Meyer could have done a better job reconciliating these two sides, but such a paradox also makes him more vulnerable. I can’t say I now blame him any less for leaving in New Moon, but I do understand where it came from. ⁣

One problem I did have with the entire saga was the crudeness of the writing. The awkwardness of the phrases and repetitiveness of the descriptions had escaped me when I first read the books as a teenager, but I literally put them down for this very reason when I tried to reread them a few years ago. Unfortunately Meyer’s writing does not seem to have improved at all, giving Edward the linguistic style of a poorly educated modern teenager. I understand that Meyer might not be able to write as elegantly as an one-hundred-and-four-year-old with two medical degrees, but please get a better editor next time. ⁣

Or hire me. I can work for free, but only if you promise to write Edward’s version of Eclipse too.⁣

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